Ever faced a TRUCK in front of your locked factory gates?
Reliable timely communication solves this problem!
Inform your business partners about your company holidays. At no costs for them.


  • Fast and cost free registration in less than 5 minutes.
  • Professional and intuitive functionality.
  • Possibility to change announced dates at any time.
  • Proactive Update functionality for connected business partners.


Important topics often miss priority. As long as they get urgent. So start using right now, to Inform yourself or others about company holidays. 100% safe and riscless.


  • Your company is regulary scheduling company holidays ore other absences ?
  • Your communication to your business partners is still 1:1?
  • For € 99,00/year each of your business partner will be able to access this information at any time online on our platform.
  • You will save yourself countless phone calls. And additionally reduce errors and cost.


STANDARDS make it simple. That´s why companies are using It works. Quick. Simple. Reliable. Informed at the touch of a button. 5 minute investment gives visibility on GOOGLE.


  • Your company is interested in your suppliers company holidays or other absences?
  • You are convinced to handle this topic efficiently today?
  • Motivate your supplier to register and receive your account BASIC free forever.
  • Because your BASIC account includes e.g. the daily download of an up to date supplier overview.


Less is more - to put it straight.


Even if only 1% of your business partners have a scheduled company holiday. If you miss one it could be one too much.


5 or 50 phone calls. The question is: Do you like to individual check this information and hand written reports furtheron? Or would an overview on a mouse click be more effective?


Why to take a 1% risc if the solution is 100% free?


Let us make it easy for you. One platform serves all.

we like to share your holiday


Search FREE

Register as company and get 5 queries/year for free. Every year.
Publish FREE

Even your announcement that your company has no company holidays scheduled is helpful for your businesspartners.

Both offers are and will stay for free forever.
99 /year
Search BASIC
Already this package provides 100% service, as it enables you unlimited searches as well as a company specific PDF download possibility.
Publish BASIC
This package enables you to publish as many company holidays or absences as well as a contact persons for emergency situations.
149 /year
Search PLUS
Get your additional benefit by downloading all information of your linked business partners into one Excell or CSV data file with one click.
Publish PLUS
Publish individually. Helpful if departments of your company are not affected by your company holidays( eg. goods receiving departement). With this service you will gain a great additional cost value ratio. is the future standard to efficiently provide and communicate company holidays.

Hans Michels


In the past we had to inform our customers indvidually with phone calls, mails or our order confirmations. Than these informations were put together in an Excel file. This platform makes the process easy and effective.

Maria Hauser


Our suppliers have never been able to bring so much benefit for annually € 99,00. Why take the risk and communicate every year company-specific, if you can do it now with a single message to all customers?

Antony Casalena

Keep informed companies.


You have question? - We will answer them.

We are the first and only europeanwide platform to communicate the absence caused by company holiday or company absences. an can register within minutes and immediately inform their business partners about upcoming company holidays or absences. This saves time and gives you time to react on time. We are the first and only europeanwide platform to communicate the absence caused by company holiday or company absences.
The answer is easy. It enables your customers to set up a timely and modern planing as well as it reduces the numbers of phone calls and requests for your company. One time communication and all your business partners have access to this informatiom.
Because you will gain central access anytime to all company absences of your suppliers. In addition you will find a contact person for emergency requests.
As you will even with this information help your supply chain partners (customers) to receive a complete overview. Beside a 5 minutes time investment it will not cost you anything, as long as you don´t publish dates.
You haven´t had a need for a navigation system 10 years ago ? Still its convenient today. Maybe you will not miss the yearly 1:1 phone calls as we assume you are not missing road maps today. So maybe you wll prefer our platform in future as well?
User which are using our platform for searching company holidays or other absences of their suppliers are called SEARCHER. Also look SEARCH functionaility.
User which are using our platform for informing their business partners at least once a year about closing their company for one or more days. Equally if it is a company holiday or an other absence. See also PUBLISH functionality.
Companies who have registered at least as BASIC account on will gain this convenience. As soon as one of their business partners is changing dates they will automatically get an update per mail about this change.
You are intersted who of your supppliers has a company holiday or absence ? Search alphabetcially. If you create your company specific link and send it to your suppliers for their registration those will be automatically be linked with you. And you will have an overview with one click.
If you are supplier and want to have a 100% guarantee that your customer know your company holidays or other absences just publish it on our platform. You will have reduced phone calls and the risc of wrong information is zero.
With you registration you have to make a decision if you want to log in as PUBLISHER - if you want to publish YOUR absences - or SEARCHER if you want to search for absences of your business partners. If you need both functionalities you must register with 2 different mail adresses.
Calendar year means the period 1.1.20xx - 31.12.20xx. Year means in our context the present year. Meaning if we write that the 1st year on our platform is for free, it can mean a maximum of 365 days or 1 day only. If you register on 17.12.2018 the year 2018 is for free. (17.12.-31.12. 2018) is only working with professional data suppliers which guarantee the best possible security standards with high availability. Our datacenter situated in Linz as well as our soft&hardware are state of the art. And will be kept on that level.
Our GTC clearly state that all our platform users can cancel their registration at any time. If you do it before the 31.12.12018 you will not be charged anyway. After the first year the cost of € 99/year or € 149/year apply.
YES, just send a mail to, and we will put your account abeyant and you will not be billed. You are also able to make this change within your account settings.

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A small step TODAY - less risc TOMORROW.

5 minutes

This small time investment will secure your supply chain.


Why keep a 1:1 communication? Digitalize with us.


With a registration on you as well as yor business partners will gain time and security.


We are 100% convinced that companies will recognize the value added of our platform and therefore love it.Therefore the membership will only be charged from 2019 hereafter.

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